Emma Nyra leaves Iyanya’s music label – “I am more interested in female movement”

Singer, Emma Nyra has parted ways with Iyanya’s music label,
Made Men Music, for reasons unknown.
In a recent interview with Channels Television, the ‘Kereshere’
crooner said she is now more interested in ‘female movement’
and working with female artistes.
Emma Nyra who signed with Triple M in 2011 released singles
including ‘Ori Mi Wu,’ ‘Kereshere’ and ‘Everything I Do’
featuring the Kukere singer, Iyanya.
Until the time of their parting, Emma Nyra performed on
stage several times with Iyanya and travelled on tour to the
United States.


LOL : Paul Okoye of P-square – “Ma phone don turn to handball; This boy no go kill me”

Paul Okoye of P’square music group shared this picture of him

and his son captioned…
“Now one leg of ma shoe is missing. Ma phone don turn to
handball. This boy no go kill me…sit down here jor* heheheh!”

Chief Adebayo Alao Akala -Any one who says I bleach is Stupid

The Former governor of Oyo State, Chief Adebayo Alao-Akala, in

a new interview with Punch hilariously flared up when he was
asked why he bleached.


Q – You talked about quality, is it in terms of your dressing too?

A – In terms of everything, Akala is a man of quality. Look at me,
I am a man of quality, with due respect. I use quality materials.

Q – Is the use of jewellery part of it too?

A – Yes, I have been using jewellery as a young man.
Do you know what they called Ghana before?, Gold Coast. so I lived in Ghana and that was where I got used to it early in my life. We make statement with our looks in Ghana.
In those days when we were in Ghana, your wife bathed you and took care of you.
I am from Ghana, so I have been using jewellery (he sends for an album). I want to show you some pictures. Pictures that I
took some 40 years back, you would see chains on my neck. Look at my hand chains and rings in this picture. That is how I was brought up.
Even when I was in (police) uniform, I wore my chain with my uniform.

Q – Is it part of your own fashion to

A – Bleach? That is stupidity; you are asking a very silly question, how can I bleach? You are very silly to ask that question.
What do you mean by that? What gave you that impression?
(He pulled up his clothe and singlet to show his fair complexion.)
Is this bleaching? Have you seen the cream that I use that makes me bleach or did you know me when I was black? So if you want to write that, put it there that I said you are very silly to ask me that kind of question.
Don’t ask that kind of question again.
What you don’t know; you ask. You don’t even know my parents. Is my wife complaining or my children? I don’t know what gave anybody the impression that I bleach. You don’t know me; do you know what it takes to bleach?

Q – Does your wife still bathe you?

A -She can’t carry me anymore; we are old. Don’t forget that the First Lady is not my first wife. My first wife is an old woman like me and she is still with me. She was also brought up in Ghana and that’s why I was able to marry her. Most of the people in Nigeria cannot keep up with my lifestyle of cleanliness.

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Nigerian American based Rapper Wale Folarin threatens A magazine staff for excluding his album from list

The American Rapper Wale has threatened a Complex.com magazine staff
Cause the website omitted his new album ‘The Gifted’ from
its ’50 Best Albums of 2013’ publication.
Wale says “the omission is an indication of a petty grudge
against him”. Complex.com’s staff Insanul Ahmed was the
person who received the phone call and was badgering. The audio
of the conversation has reportedly been released, some quotes were like

‘Do you think y’all being a responsible publication by
continuously to fuckin’ like…do all that petty shit?’

Wale allegedly said in the phone recording of the conversation,

‘At this point, you know it’s got to be personal. You tellin’ me
it’s not personal is like a bold face lie. To be omitted from
every type of list that y’all do or be at the bottom of it or
every type of way that y’all can omit me, y’all will’.

Wale even goes ahead to question rapper Juicy J’s album
‘Stay Trippy’ appearing on the list. ‘You mean to tell me
Juicy J’s album [Stay Trippy] is better than mine?’.
Then the MMG rapper went all out threatening the staff

‘Fuck you, dog. You know it’s disrespect. I swear to God I’ll
come to that office and start knocking niggas the fuck out.
Y’all wanna see some ghetto ignorant shit? That’s what y’all
promote. That’s the only thing y’all promote from niggas. I’ll see
y’all tomorrow. How about that? Get the security ready.

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TIWA and DR SID announced. HOST

It has been announced that Tiwa Savage and Dr SID have been chosen as host
for the 2013 edition of The Headies awards holding this
the organizers of the awards, both artistes have
been selected in line with the awards’ tradition of picking
talented and inspiring entertainers, to host the awards
ceremony which parades some of the continent’s biggest
‘I’ve been trying to host this event for the past 6 years, I’ve
waited to be called to no avail and this year I’m hosting. Wow!
I’m so emotional right now, I’m glad for this opportunity’, Dr
SID expressed.
The hosts Tiwa and SID who are coincidentally label mates
In Mavin Records
At 2012 and 2011 respectively – Tiwa won ‘Best Vocal
Performance (Female)’ while Dr SID bagged the awards for
‘Best Pop Single’ and ‘Revelation of the Year’.
This year rapper Olamide leads the nominees list with a record
nine nods.
The Headies 2013 will hold on Boxing Day, December 26 at
the Grand Ball Room of the Oriental Hotel, Lekki, Lagos.


The deputy governor of Lagos State throwshot at one of inyanya’s female dancers that she is degrading “WOMAN HOOD” at the MTN Lagos Street soccer competition
Deputy Governor : I guess you a professional dancer?
Dancer : yes ma
Deputy Governor : if you most entertain without pants I guess its not in a gathering like this, just see as you are degrading woman hood ! Don’t try it next time
Dancer : yes ma !

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